Alexis: from mainstream high school to CJ

This year at Cyril Jackson, I completed Year 11 Certificate ll in Community Services, General English, Visual Art and Drama.

Cyril Jackson runs on the premise of an adult learning environment; first names for teachers, no uniform and encouraging independence and further maturity in students. Teachers work with students so they continually grow, providing a learning environment that many diverse students can thrive in.

Cyril Jackson encourages self-expression and diversity with its students, hosting event days to spread awareness for issues such as mental health and the LGBT spectrum. As someone who is a part of this community, it provides a sense of security.

A few of my achievements are learning to become confident when speaking to others, along with speaking my opinions. I have completed my Certificate ll in Community Services, achieved ‘A’ grades in English and painted a mural for my fellow students.

Although I am still unsure of my path, Cyril Jackson has provided me with valuable resources, an education and experiences for when my time in the workforces comes. Completing my Certificate ll in Community Services has given me respected qualities for the industry.