Callum: on-line and on-campus learning

Having a father in the Defence Forces meant my family moved around quite a lot therefore my education was rather sketchy and I dropped out of the education system by the time I was fifteen.  I tried a number of jobs but I was never satisfied one way or another.

I was looking for the ideal job, however, with my educational background it was going to be difficult.  One of my friends mentioned Cyril Jackson Senior Campus had excellent opportunities for potential music students and a flexible timetable suitable for students who need to maintain part time work while studying.  I love music and playing my guitar, so the thinking from my friend was that the Cert II in Music was an ideal fit for me.

I was hesitant at first but after speaking with the music teacher, I became really interested in the course.  Her passion for music really invigorated me to study at Cyril Jackson and her infectious enthusiasm for the campus rubbed off on me so I chose to study English and Art as well as Certificate II in Music.  The opportunity to attend campus three days a week, study the equivalent of four courses and continue with part-time work was something I didn’t imagine possible.  Being able to study English as an iLearn student has been a bonus.  It has enabled me to work independently to build my skills and gain confidence in a subject which has not previously been a strength of mine.

The last nine months have been terrific; CJ is such a positive place to study for a mature aged student as myself.  I have had my artwork exhibited at the school’s art show, I have been awarded a Certificate of Excellence due to my school band’s performance at the Contemporary Ensemble Festival and I am achieving grades of which I am proud. The teachers treat you as an individual, setting you up with projects to challenge your abilities.   My classmates are also friendly and supportive and I have formed friendships that will continue even when CJ studies are completed.

I would recommend CJ to anyone due to its relaxed, friendly, positive and non-threatening atmosphere with teachers treating students as individuals rather than a generic student.   I am returning next year to complete Certificate III in Music and perhaps study Graphic Design as well.