Caris: from mainstream high school to CJ

Caris chose subjects out of interest and to prepare her for Construction Management at Curtin University: ATAR Art, Maths Applications, English, Psychology, General Building and Construction and Cert II Tech Drawings.

Caris said of her time at CJ, ‘There is mutual respect between teachers and students, the classroom environment is inviting and personal and the school is very multicultural which is refreshing to interact with people from all around the world with different beliefs. I also had the opportunity in Art to make works on controversial issues and explore in depth issues in society which other schools wouldn’t allow.

I connected with the teachers which made me excel in my subjects compared to my previous school. Teachers were always willing to stay behind to tutor and help students progress to the best of their ability.

I’m extremely proud of my artworks I created at CJ and of the work I did in my tech drawings Certificate II – the opportunity and equipment such as laser cutters and 3D printer were so amazing! I am also proud of my overall improvement in all my subjects, in some classes my mark increased by 40% compared to my last school.

I’m confident in getting a 70 ATAR so I am able to pursue Construction Management at Curtin University.’