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Chelsea: “Everything about CJ has been amazing”

Chelsea: “Everything about CJ has been amazing”

Chelsea has studied with Cyril Jackson for the past two years, undertaking a combination of ATAR, General and Certificate based subjects. Having initial aspirations to become a mechanical engineer, she was unable to pursue the ATAR pathway she desired at her previous school, falling only 0.3% short of the required grade. A friend of Chelsea’s was already attending Cyril Jackson Senior Campus, and recommended she look into it.

Upon attending an enrolment appointment with one of our Course Advisors, Chelsea was given a mock timetable. “I was happy with everything she said…the mature nature makes [staff] want to care more [about future aspirations of students] and treat everyone the same”. She speaks highly of the “beautiful souls” her teacher’s possess, recounting how they have all been “so open and trusting…relatable” when she is faced with personal hardships. “It’s nice to be comfortable enough to say something”.

Her dreams have shifted throughout her studies, and a “change of heart” meant she decided to pursue a career in Human Resources that will allow her “people person” personality to shine, “Everyone here was super supportive of the change” she said, referring to the change of entirely ATAR to partially General subjects. Chelsea intends to study Human Resources at TAFE before continuing on to Edith Cowan University in the years following.

Chelsea is an avid equestrian, and upon enrolling discovered her school fees would be significantly lesser than her previous private schooling education. “I asked Mum if we could use the money saved on school fees to buy another horse…she said no!” Chelsea laughed.

Working hard to participate in a wondrous list of activities that she pursues thanks to her illuminating and determined character coupled with the flexible schedule of the courses offered at Cyril Jackson. “I wouldn’t be able to get to where I am with the horses…Flexibility has helped me so much”. Chelsea will be representing Cyril Jackson Senior Campus in an upcoming interschool competition, as well as competing in many other upcoming equestrian competitions.

Chelsea embodies the campus ethos and has surrounded herself with supportive friends who are equally as mature. “I have a great group of friends”. They are planning to enjoy a Summer getaway together post-graduation. “We will be friends for life”.


Written by Anneka Jorritsma