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Isaac: “I wanted to become a more rounded person.”

Isaac: “I wanted to become a more rounded person.”

Isaac joined CJSC in Year 12, after having been home-schooled all his life. He had previously completed the Certificate III in General Education for Adults, with the intention of then becoming a mechanic. The desire to learn and develop higher thinking skills, however, brought him to CJSC to study ATAR courses. In Year 12 he completed ATAR History, Human Biology, English, Maths Applications and Economics.

“My dad had been a tradie in the navy, then went back to university in his 30s to study International Relations and Business. He was a key influence on me, as I too wanted both the practical skills and the academic rigour, to make me a more rounded individual.”

Isaac intends having a year of employment and volunteer work as a fire fighter, perhaps even some farm work before he begins his career as an officer in the Armed Corps. He wants to learn how to manage people under pressure, a taste of which he got in his teens as an Army Cadet.

A strong friendship group has developed in Year 12 with like-minded students, who have pushed each other academically in a healthy spirit of competition. “I’m a bit of a perfectionist, but this year has taught me to adjust the pressure I put on myself. I’ve learnt to prioritise and not beat myself up too much. I guess because of both my personal circumstances and Covid this year, I have become more resilient”. Isaac attributes much of his success also, to his teachers support both personally and academically, and to their ability to adapt to the varied learning styles of their students.

Written by Anne MacDermott