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Jose: My Year 11 Maths experience

Jose: My Year 11 Maths experience

Jose is studying Maths in Myles’ Year 11 Essentials class and wants to become an electrician, so Maths is essential! He said that he quickly discovered that being a student at Cyril Jackson was very different to that of the Philippines. “Teachers here pay much closer attention to the students and they make an effort to help each one individually. This is a real luxury that I had never experienced before. To add to that, I began to see the shift between what I had learned in theory, could all be put into practice in everyday life situations. It’s great! But what’s greater still, is the fact that even though the teachers and I spoke the same language in the Philippines, it seems to me that the teachers here in Australia, understood me better.”

Jose hopes to continue his studies at Tafe after completing Year 12 at CJ and loves the idea of becoming an independent and responsible adult who contributes to society.

An ordinary young man, with an extraordinary sense of appreciation, commitment and view of the world, Jose ends the interview with these words, “At the end of the day, every new skill learnt can be so much more fulfilling than any amount of money earned.”

We have so many hidden treasures at Cyril Jackson! Jose is just one. Perhaps you will be the next one discovered…