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Kay: Mum of four studying ATAR

Kay: Mum of four studying ATAR

Kay, a mother of four, chose to study on-line via our iLearn courses. iLearn offers her a more flexible timetable so she can study in the evenings and the few days available to her. She began studying Year 11, and now in Year 12 is enrolled in ATAR English, History and Math Applications.

Kay said, ‘The best thing about CJ would be the teachers. They are extremely supportive and provide a high level of support and guidance to help you achieve your study goals.

As a mature age student, my aim is to gear myself up towards attending university.  It’s not easy juggling family commitments and study, but I feel proud that I have stuck to my study régime and achieved marks that I hoped to achieve, reaching and exceeding my own expectations.

I hope to enroll at the University of Western Australia to pursue my end goal of completing a double major in Botany and Conservation Biology; to help play a role in protecting and conserving plant diversity in the oncoming years of climate change.’

We wish Kay all the best!