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Mae: From homeschooling to CJ

Mae: From homeschooling to CJ

After being homeschooled, I joined CJ and studied Years 11 and 12 ATAR subjects: English, Math Applications , Human Biology  iLearn and Modern History. I also studied General Accounting in Year 12.

The teachers at Cyril Jackson are passionate about their subject area and committed to seeing students excel. I have been blown away by the amount of work and time, even outside of class, my teachers have put into my education. They have encouraged me and helped me focus on the areas I struggle with, while also allowing me to take responsibility for my own education and understanding. Also, the generally small class sizes in the school allowed us to receive a high level of personal attention from the teacher.

Cyril Jackson focuses on accommodating the needs of the student, offering flexible iLearn courses and allowing students to count non-traditional subjects towards their WACE. As students are only required to attend school when they have classes and after class work is limited, Cyril Jackson allows for a great deal of flexibility to fit in with existing family commitments, extracurricular activities and work.

I have found the iLearn courses well organised and interesting, and enjoyed the flexibility those courses offered me, as I only had to attend school 3 days a week- to the jealousy of my peers!

Cyril Jackson is a diverse campus, and students come from all the walks of life, from across the world, and from many different age groups. Being able to meet so many people with different experiences and beliefs to my own has been an education unto itself.

I received Outstanding Achievement Awards in Modern History and Math Applications, as well as an Achievement of Excellence Award in English from the school in Year 11.

However, the achievement I am the proudest of is receiving an invitation to the PACES (Purposeful Academic Classes for Excelling Students) programs for ATAR English and ATAR Modern History based on my Year 11 scores, which was quite an honour.