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Maryan: My certificate courses

Maryan: My certificate courses

I will never forget the support and encouragement from my Information and Technology teacher. She is my role model. I also want to say thanks to my Human Biology and Integrated Science teachers. They taught science in a very interesting and meaningful way. Overall, each and every part of CJ gave me memories and experiences that shaped my personality and choices I make in life.

Apart from studying in Year 12 Certificate I in Information Technology and Human Biology, I also completed Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways, Workplace Learning, General English and General Maths.

CJ believes it is never too late to be the best and catch up with what you have missed previously. CJ values the potential you have and gives you the support and help you need when you are most in need. Also, you are given freedom and you are shown that you are really in control and responsible of your studies and future; which means you get the opportunity to make your study more flexible, more fun, enjoyable and the study system fits in to your busy life rather than YOU fitting in to the study system.

There is so much choice in the layout of the timetable, that means your timetable is designed with a way you feel is the most comfortable and most suitable to you. Also, your difference is very welcome as the environment is very safe and free of bullying, racism and discrimination. You will never experience isolation.  Everyone believes in human love and respect regardless of cultural difference, religion and any other difference.

There are so many best things at CJ, however, just to mention some. There is the homework club where anything that you are stuck with becomes unstuck. Instead of stressing and struggling alone you get the opportunity to be with a supportive team who help you with homework, assessments and even give you tips to improve your performance. Also, I can never forget the driving lessons that the school offers as the support that students receive with driving is beyond imagination. Also the wonderful, safe, clean, quiet library environment where you can never get enough of it. Furthermore, Wednesday sessions are very interesting with yoga and sport classes and OLNA help classes. Finally, one of the best thing I remember about CJ is the career expo. You get the chance to meet TAFE and university advisers where you can get a full view of everything you want or need to know in order to make an informed choice about your future.

I am proud that I have successfully completed Year 12 and next year I am planning to go to TAFE and do a Diploma of Laboratory Technology, which then will lead me to do a Bachelor of Medical Science.