‘In Year 12 I studied Physics, EALD English and Mathematics. Being awarded the top ATAR student  last year is one of the best achievements for me. Also, the offer made by SCSA to include my responses from the EALD English exam for the next “Good Answer Guide” publication has boosted my confidence for the next stage of my education journey.

CJ is such a great school for students seeking high results and developing a social connection in a safe and positively effective environment.’

Nina’s English teacher said of Nina: ‘Nina has been a pleasure to teach! She sets high standards for herself and has worked hard in and out of class throughout the year to achieve them.

She has an admirable ability to connect ideas from different sources to effectively to build an argument and has applied this ability in her speaking and writing. She writes with incredible speed and intelligence in English, which is her third language.

She has a been a valuable member of the class and often raised the level of class discussions with her insightful ideas, passionate advocacy for what she believes and her sense of humour.’