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Rebecca: Learning English in the IEC

Rebecca: Learning English in the IEC

Rebecca popped into CJ recently and shared her story: ‘I would recommend the campus to anyone! I came back today so I could thank the teachers and the whole team for everything they did for me. I’m so grateful.

I started in the Intensive English Centre in 2012 and finished Year 12 in 2014. When I first came to Australia I spoke very little English – it became my fourth language! In Years 11 and 12 I studied courses in English, Health, Maths, Human Biology and Certificate I in Information Technology.

I believe the teachers at CJ  are extremely helpful and are always prepared to assist you in any way. Not just my class work, but also life issues such as family and Centrelink. CJ also taught me how to work in a team – a skill I now use as a Manager at Hungry Jacks! I also learnt to listen to all points of view and became a critical thinker.

The best things at CJ are the teachers – no matter how busy they are, they will always take the time to help you with anything. CJ prepares you well for Australian life and helps you to multitask.

My proudest achievement was the Award I received in Year 12 for being the top student in EALD English! That certificate has opened many doors for me and I take it whenever I apply for a job or show my resume. Thank you to Jeannie for being such a wonderful teacher!

I have been a manager at Hungry Jacks for the past four years, thanks to the skills I gained at CJ, and I’m also at university. Last year I went to Murdoch University and completed their University Preparation Course, and I’m now enrolled in my first year of Criminology at Murdoch. I always wanted a job where I could help people improve their lives. I want to understand why people commit crimes, and through my work, help them have a more positive life.’