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Sareth: Pursuing a new career at 43

Sareth: Pursuing a new career at 43

Cyril Jackson is a wonderful and friendly environment for mature aged students. At age 43 I decided to pursue a new career through education and began by attaining a Year 12 graduation to acquire the skills to enter university. I studied ATAR Maths and English as well as a Certificate II in music and a Certificate I in Information Technology. Cyril Jackson supported my endeavours and provided me with endless help and guidance towards a new career.

Cyril Jackson is different to other schools in the way it treats its students. All students are treated in an adult manner and spoken to as equals and respected. The teachers are invested in their students. The campus provided weekly tutorials and also paid for an out of school weekend program.

I am proud of achieving a high pass in all my subjects and proving to myself that I am capable of study and meeting the requirements and grades that I need to gain entry into University. I am also proud of proving to myself that I can study, write an essay and pass exams. All abilities which I had doubted I was capable of achieving.

I am pursuing a teaching degree in either Mathematics or English or even primary teaching. I want to find a career in something that benefits the community and also something which I can make a difference in the world.

Attending Cyril Jackson to renew my education was a fantastic experience enriched by the teachers, staff and students and will remain a place of fond memories.