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Taron: 11 P.L.U.S helped me get to TAFE

Taron: 11 P.L.U.S helped me get to TAFE

I studied in 11P.L.U.S, starting mid-year 2017 and graduated mid-year 2018.

Cyril Jackson is different to most schools that I have been to because 11P.L.U.S is more welcoming and caring and persistent. Not one person can fall behind, they keep pushing you to go further and achieve higher goals. The campus is extremely multi-cultural which is nice. The mateship between students and teachers was outstanding, and made me feel supported.

The best things about Cyril Jackson are the mateship that I developed with the students and with my teachers, the programs that are provided during the year which allows us to interact with mainstream students and even Lily, who runs the cafeteria, always has a smile.

I am proud of successfully completing Year 11, obtaining my First Aid Certificate, my Certificate I in Business, Student of the Semester Award, and successfully gaining entrance into Certificate II in Plumbing and Gas Pre-Apprenticeship.

Education assistant, Anna helped me develop my pathway plan in 11P.L.U.S, so I was on track towards a career in plumbing. After successfully completing my pre-apprenticeship I was offered apprenticeships from two companies who were extremely keen for me to get on board. I decided to begin my career with the company I did my work-placement with as I enjoyed working with him and value loyalty.

11 P.L.U.S teacher, Gordon helped me develop my maths skills and feel confident with the math that is required for plumbing. Liz has helped me with my social skills which have been important in the plumbing industry interact with people. Anna has helped developed my personal skills and better health for myself. I know the Business certificate will help me with my future goals. All the skills I have learnt throughout being at Cyril Jackson have not only helped me in my career but have helped me in my everyday life.