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Student Story


I started studying at CJ in 2014. During my time here I have studied a wide variety of subjects, such as; Cert II/III in Music, Cert II in Visual Art (Digital Focus), Graphic Design, Cert II Live Production, ATAR History, Maths and English.

The special thing about CJ is how we all rely on and help each other. CJ has a diverse range of people that come from all different types of backgrounds, religions and many walks of life. It’s more of a community rather than a school and the teachers are amazing at CJ – they’re so supportive and go above and beyond each and every time.

I was a musician before I came to CJ but had taken a long break due to various things. CJ has brought out the creativity within me. I have spent the last 3 years writing, producing and recording my debut album all of which happened while studying at CJ.

I have also learnt to do things I never thought I could. I am not just a musician, but I am now a competent graphic designer. Since coming to CJ that’s a skill I have picked up, but never knew I even possessed. This is all thanks to the wonderful staff who have encouraged me and remained patient with me and nurtured my talents.

There are also many other positive aspects to CJ. Having no uniform is fantastic and different from other schools. Also being a mature age student, it was difficult to come back to study, especially with someone of a background such as myself. I was homeless and abused drugs for a large period of time, so it was a little difficult adjusting into a school setting, but having understanding teachers and a flexible timetable helped. I also appreciate the fact the campus is more understanding of individual’s situations as at times I missed classes because my child was ill.

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