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Wini: Studying General and ATAR subjects

Wini: Studying General and ATAR subjects

Wini has just finished Year 11 General Economics to improve her understanding about personal and business finances. Wini said, ‘ General Economics is a good subject as it helps you manage your money and if you want to study business in the future, it gives you the background. We are also introduced to how countries use their resources. The teacher is helpful and assessment feedback helped me improve.

At CJ all the teachers are friendly. They come down to your level, so you feel free to say anything. Librarians are also great! They help you with assignments, computers and find interesting books for you.

Wini also studied four ATAR subjects: English, Chemistry, Human Biology and Maths Applications and said. ‘I’m proud of my progress in Chemistry and Human Biology because I have never studied them before. In my old school, teachers just gave you notes, but at CJ teachers give you illustrations so you understand.

Also, the students are friendly. You can’t walk past someone without them saying ‘hi.’ You won’t feel isolated here.’

Wini plans to study pharmacy or nursing at university after Year 12 and we’re sure she’ll be a great success!

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