Karen Woods


Having completed Bachelor’s degrees in Modern Languages (French, English and Literature) and Education; and a Masters in Arts, Principal Karen Woods has worked across the public school system in a range of capacities.

As Deputy Principal and Principal, Karen has led a number of schools, mostly in Low SEI areas. She has also been a District Director, Principal Consultant and Director of the College of Teaching.

Karen has a passionate commitment to ensuring equity, to building community partnerships and is a strong advocate of the public education.

Karen has been at Cyril Jackson Senior Campus since 2009 and loves leading a campus with such a diverse, multi age population working with an incredibly talented staff; offering programs that enable students to realise their social, academic and vocational goals.

Amanda Reid


As a local Bassendean resident where she has lived with her family for 15 years, Amanda has a strong interest in the local community and Cyril Jackson Senior Campus and how they can mutually benefit from a strong and productive relationship.

Amanda is a director of GRA Everingham, a bi-partisan independent strategic advisory firm. She as previously worked in a senior advisor role in State Government advising WA Labor Premiers and Ministers, senior Federal Labor politicians; and as a communications consultant in a national government relations firm, as well as in corporate public relations and strategic media.

Amanda sits on several boards and is currently a non-Executive director of we the people, a board advocating for the people of the East Metropolitan Region through research and human connections.

She holds a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Journalism and Politics from Curtin University.

Vanessa Hopes

Deputy Chair – Student Representative

A current Visual Arts/Media student at Cyril Jackson Senior Campus, Vanessa has over 15 years’ experience in the music industry as a singer/songwriter and producer.

In 2016 while studying at Cyril Jackson, Vanessa released her self-produced debut album ‘Free’ and has recently taken out the 2017 nationally ran competition ‘One Eye On The Stranger’ for her hit single ‘Home’.

She has previously worked with the likes of Archie Roach, Kav Temperley and is looking forward to working with Spiderbait’s Kram resulting from her recent WAM win.

Vanessa has a strong passion for the community, drawing on her past and role as a mother for inspiration. She is an active member of the local community, tutoring at-risk youth and acting as an ambassador for Drug Aware, among other roles.

As a student body representative, Vanessa is an advocate for her peers and the wider community. She brings enthusiasm, passion, leadership as well as the ability to tackle anything by thinking outside of the box.

William Barry

Treasurer, Community Representative

William is the Senior Economic Development Officer for the Town of Bassendean.

Backed by strong industry knowledge from twenty years’ experience in the Tourism and Hospitality industry in both Europe and Australia at senior management level and as an owner operator William leads the engagement policy for the local government with commercial ratepayers .

Driving an economic development strategy that champion’s local entrepreneurship, town centre vibrancy and inward investment William is keen to merge the skills and talents of Cyril Jackson with local businesses and volunteer organisations.

He brings established industry networks with board membership of Central Eastern Business Association, Economic Development Australia and Forum Advocating Environmental and Cultural Tourism (FACET) to support initiatives and foster emerging needs and build the reputation of Cyril Jackson.

William and his family are local residents.

Tamika Byrne


Tamika and her family relocated from a remote town in the State’s Mid West a couple of year ago to take up a position with Cyril Jackson Senior Campus in as Manager Corporate Services and also Secretary of the Board.

She has a strong commitment to providing a supportive environment for students and creating opportunities and growth for the campus.

Tamika’s experience brings knowledge from managing a corporation in the private sector and working with various government agencies including WA Police and Department of Housing and Works before commencing with the Department for Education.

She is also a strong advocate for volunteering in the community and has been involved with a range of sporting committees, and worked as a volunteer ambulance paramedic for three years in conjunction with providing support to the rural fire brigade.


Ian Abercromby

Staff Representative

Ian has a strong commitment to public education in WA and is passionate about the positive effect it can have on individuals and communities.

He joined Cyril Jackson Senior Campus more than ten years ago as the Intensive English Centre arrived on campus, having previously worked in a range of metropolitan and regional high schools, and in Regional Office developing a ‘Community Linking’ initiative for youth at risk.

As a Design and technology teacher with a focus on digital media he strongly believes design is a powerful process to support learning and provide tangible achievements.

He is committed to collaborative decision making processes, cross curricula opportunities  and has dedicated his career towards establishing positive rapport; identifying and encouraging individual talents; enhancing efficacy; directing the acquisition of knowledge; promoting self-expression and celebrating achievement.

Further to his educational career, Ian has directed companies, produced numerous creative film and television projects, managed professional groups and supported the career aspirations of others.

Lucy Bromell

Community Representative

 Lucy has been a resident of the local area for the last 25 years, along with her husband and two adult daughters.

She is a Textile Artist that has worked as a Lecturer in Tertiary education in Fashion and Textiles and teaching students with mental disability.

Lucy also work in Arts and Events management and owns her own small business.

She is the President of the Ashfield Community Action Network, a community group committed to improving the community of Ashfield.

She is passionate about supporting community initiatives to create better outcomes for the community in which we live.

Donna Chapman

Community Representative

Donna and her family have strong connections Bassendean. Having moved into the area when she was a young child, over the past two decades Donna and her husband also chose to raise their three children in Bassendean.

Cyril Jackson Senior Campus has been significant to Donna, as the perfect choice for one of her children who experienced learning difficulties and at the same time gifted in the arts. Donna’s daughter completed her ATAR at the school and was accepted and graduated Curtin University with an Occupational Theory qualification.

Donna herself also attended Cyril Jackson and after completing one year was accepted into Edith Cowan University to study Nutrition and Health Promotion.

While at the school, Donna engaged with many students from diverse backgrounds and saw the benefits campus brought to their lives. This first-hand experience has provided Donna with a personal appreciation of the unique and pivotal role the school provides to many capable and enthusiastic students. Students that have much to give but need a different approach and school setting to deliver their individual needs and secure their future goals.

Donna has a background in business having owned and operated serval successful enterprises in the past.



Henrietta Hoffman

Staff Representative

Henrietta has worked in education for more than 30 years, with extensive experience in educational research, implementation of educational practice and importantly, the facilitation of pedagogy.

Prior to beginning at Cyril Jackson in 2008, Henrietta has had the opportunity to teach in diverse settings across WA. She has career experience in line managing learning areas, whole staff and policy writing to establish and ensure practices for duty of care and accountability in the management of human and physical resources to achieve educational and organisational objectives in both daily and long term plans.

The highlight of Henrietta’s extensive experience has been all the workplaces where the collaboration with a diverse range of colleagues has involved developing transparent, meaningful conversations to promote a learning community culture.

Henrietta won a State Excellence in Teaching Award for ‘a program to affect a whole school community’. She also received an Australia Day Award (Swan District) for inspiring students to volunteer in the community.

Henrietta has a Masters in Business focusing on the responsiveness of wider educational perspectives and system initiatives for the future of learners in the digital community.

Belinda Stewart

Staff Representative

 After teaching in the Intensive English Centre for almost 15 years, in 2016 Belinda was appointed as its Deputy Principal. She is responsible for more than 30 teachers and education assistants who all work to provide the best possible educational outcomes for newly arrived migrant and refugee students.

Prior to taking on this leadership role Belinda was a Level 3 Classroom Teacher and taught at all levels of the program over my years in the IEC.

Through the board Belinda has been able to advocate for the needs of these students and has appreciated the support of the board in setting up a grant and fundraising to help students access subsidised driving lessons.

She’s a passionate advocate for students from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds and have been involved in WATESOL, the professional association of teachers of English as a second language for 15 years, taking on a range of rolls on the committee.

Through this committee Belinda has been involved in the successful lobbying of state and federal governments and the Department of Education to make changes to support CALD students’ educational opportunities, as well at providing professional learning for teachers of CALD students.

Mohammed Hadi Rahimi

Community Representative

Hadi was born in Afghanistan and came to Australia four years ago through a humanitarian support program. He is now a permanent resident.

His support and enthusiasm for community work, especially his involvement with Cyril Jackson Senior Campus students, has given him the confidence to better interact with different ethnicities and cultures.

Hadi’s bilingual skills and his competency in several languages such as English, Urdu, Persian and Hazaragi have given him the tools to communicate with students and create strategies for multicultural students in transitioning from high school to a tertiary education environment.  Hadi also loves to advocate for EAL/D students, people with disabilities and LGBTIQ community.

He is currently volunteering for St John’s Ambulance services as an Event Health Officer and through his community work he has been chosen to take part in the Red Cross’ youth migration program.

Hadi graduated from Cyril Jackson Senior Campus in 2016 and will start his Paramedicine degree with Edith Cowan University in 2018.