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Cyril Jackson
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    We Learn

    We create an innovative learning community within a supportive environment.

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    We Care

    We care about individual aspirations, personal growth and well being.

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    We Belong

    Our campus is a warm welcoming place fostering an adult ethos.

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    We Value

    We value integrity, inclusivity, creativity academic rigour, and life long learning.

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    We Celebrate

    We celebrate each individual, our diversity and our achievements.

Cyril Jackson

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Trinity Alia Kamila B Awards L

CJ in the news

Congratulations to Trinity Ingram who won the 2016 Bassendean Young Person’s Art Award. Read more
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  • Eimile L

    Student Stories


    Congratulations to Eimile Humphreys who achieved the highest ATAR  at CJ in 2015 of 98.15! Read more

  • Award Ceremony L

    Student Stories


    ‘… because of my academic successes at CJ, I won the AJ Parker Scholarship at Murdoch.’ Read more

  • Vu Mai L

    Student Stories


    Vu began his studies in 2010 at the Intensive English Centre.   Read more

  • Bronson L

    Student Stories


    I drifted around Perth’s various educational institutions and eventually discovered CJ. Read more

  • Amelia L

    Student stories


    Amelia is now studying politics and economics at UWA.  Read more

  • natasha l

    Student Stories


    Natasha nows works for the Department of Mines and Petroleum.  Read more

  • Jera L

    Student Stories


    Jera and one other person form WA have been accepted to study Architecture overseas, in Denmark.   Read more

  • Chris large

    Student Stories


    Chris was a previous student at CJ, who is now at the University of Western Australia . Read more

Welcome to Cyril Jackson Senior Campus!

 Our Vision karen

We create an innovative learning community which values integrity, inclusivity, academic rigour and lifelong learning within a supportive environment.

We foster an adult ethos in which we value the individual qualities of each student promoting independent learning, creativity, personal growth and well-being.