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Cyril Jackson
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    We Care

    We care about individual aspirations, personal growth and well being.

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    We Belong

    Our campus is a warm welcoming place fostering an adult ethos.

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    We Learn

    We create an innovative learning community within a supportive environment.

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    We Value

    We value integrity, inclusivity, creativity academic rigour, and life long learning.

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    We Celebrate

    We celebrate each individual, our diversity and our achievements.

Cyril Jackson

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Welcome to Cyril Jackson Senior Campus!

Karen Woods

Cyril Jackson Senior Campus is one of the top alternative schools in Perth offering a range of Year 11 and 12 courses. It values integrity, inclusivity, academic rigour, and lifelong learning within a supportive environment. Our institution fosters an adult ethos in which we value the individual qualities of each student. We, as educators and facilitators, promote independent learning, creativity, personal growth and well-being.

It is my great privilege to lead this outstanding campus. I am a former student of Cyril Jackson and I have been the Principal since 2009. I am a passionate advocate of the public school system and its capacity to offer all students rich educational experiences and the opportunity to achieve their goals. Cyril Jackson is uniquely placed to offer a supportive and innovative learning environment to those students wanting to learn and work within an adult ethos.

Our institution offers year 12 courses, which can be taken on-campus or online. As an innovative and supportive learning institution, we offer our students the latest technology and tried and tested learning methodologies.We want our students to enjoy quality education at their convenience. We also want them to maximize their potential and their learning experience during their stay here in our campus. 

People who want to study part time will be happy to know about our iLearn Flexible Learning. It has a timetable structure that allows them to make the most of their education while they balance other aspects of their lives. In spite of enjoying the flexibility we offer, however, our students eventually opt to go fulltime and work towards university entrance.

I welcome you to the campus and encourage you to contact us for any further information. Whether you are a regular student or an adult who wants to return to education, our doors are always open to anyone who needs education.


Karen Woods, Principal

Our Vision

We create an innovative learning community which values integrity, inclusivity, academic rigour and lifelong learning within a supportive environment.

We foster an adult ethos in which we value the individual qualities of each student promoting independent learning, creativity, personal growth and well-being.