The short answer is anyone. We are non a traditional senior high school campus educating young adults in year 11 and 12, both compulsory aged students and mature age students who are returning to study.
We are the only Senior Campus north of the river to offer mature aged students the opportunity to study Year 11 and 12 subjects.

Our supportive staff dedicate themselves to helping students like you achieve their goals, whether that’s to complete Year 11 and 12 ATAR, qualify for WACE, or prepare for an apprenticeship or employment.

Absolutely not. We have a wide range of students on campus, some have attended some of Perth best private schools, some have been schooled at home or are international students.
Some simply haven’t found the right fit within a mainstream school environment. Cyril Jackson Senior Campus is very different to traditional high schools. For a start, there are no uniforms, no bells, and no rigid timetables.

Cyril Jackson Senior Campus has no local intake area and is open to all. We are located on the Midland train line, the nearest train station is Ashfield is less than 10 minutes walk to the Campus and we also have student parking available.

Of course, we offer a wide selection of courses including ATAR. So if you have been home schooled and are looking to complete ATAR courses to gain admission to university, we can help find a solution to best suit your needs in a relaxed, mature learning environment.

Yes. While there are now other means of acquiring university entrance, we believe that the completion of at least two ATAR courses is excellent preparation for further academic study, giving you the best start at university. Many courses also have prerequisites, and we offer these Year 12 courses for you.

A Senior Campus offers compulsory and mature aged students the opportunity to complete Year 11 and 12 study, in a mature learning environment. Meaning we only offer Year 11 & 12 studies.

Students on our Campus are both compulsory aged students, and mature students returning to study.

A university campus feel. There are no bells, no uniforms, teachers are on a first name basis. The timetable is designed to be flexible and work around the students to help them complete all the courses they wish. Very different from mainstream school.

A wide variety of courses and programs are offered, including ATAR, General, Foundation VET  and Workplace – On-the-job learning and skills development.

We use the term mature learning environment a lot, we are very proud of it on campus. We are a non traditional high school.

We don’t use a school bell, our students don’t have a uniform and we are on first name basis with our teachers. We help our students to learn to take control and responsibility for their own education, with our guidance and support, getting them ready for further education, training or employment.

We actually don’t have a bullying issue at Cyril Jackson. This is something we are extremely proud of. Our unique environment is powerful and has resulted in our students approaching situation from a mature stance and as such has stamped out any bullying issues. Having said that should any isolated situations arise, we have a ZERO tolerance policy, as outlined in our school handbook and all matters will be dealt with appropriately.

Yes we do run a range of online courses under the iLearn program. These include ATAR English, Economics and Modern History, call us to find out more information.