Principal’s Message

Welcome to the website of Cyril Jackson Senior Campus, a public school in Perth’s northern suburbs.  With a rich and diverse student cohort compared to a typical secondary school, it is a unique and vibrant learning institution.

Cyril Jackson SC has a niche role within the Western Australian public schooling system.  Whilst an Independent Public School, Cyril Jackson SC has for a number of years looked to offer educational programs to adults, repeating students and also, students of a compulsory age (16 and 17 years old) seeking a different approach to their senior secondary schooling.  An Intensive English Centre also enrols students seeking to undertake Year 11/12 studies and who are recent arrivals to Australia.  As Cyril Jackson SC is located close to train and bus routes, public transport is used by many students to access the campus.

Cyril Jackson SC offers a mature learning environment across the full range of senior secondary options.  Students may undertake a Certificate, General courses or an ATAR program leading to potential university entrance.  A combination of these pathways may also be completed where this meets the needs of students.  It is the needs of students that drives the Vision of Cyril Jackson SC.

This Vision, centred on the nature of the learning environment, seeks to inspire students to work towards personal goals and to achieve a viable pathway to further study, training or employment.  The work of all staff is to enable student achievement of personal goals, whether this be teaching concepts in a classroom, encouraging wellbeing or providing guidance and individual assistance.  This individual support, at the heart of a mature learning environment, is aimed at every student achieving success at Cyril Jackson SC and to establish the conditions for a successful pathway in the future.

The Values of Respect, Achievement, Diversity, Inclusivity and Opportunity inform practice and are founded by the diverse student cohort.  All members of the school community acknowledge diversity and treat others with respect, leading to an inclusive campus life.  In order to meet the needs of students, opportunity can be found in the programs available and there is an expectation of achievement.  Every student is seen as an individual and each one matters at Cyril Jackson SC.

Teachers at Cyril Jackson SC have high expectations for each student’s growth and progress.  They are well versed in the courses they teach, no matter the pathway and encourage and support student learning.  Allied professional staff, including ethnic and general education assistants, technicians, and office staff are focused on making learning programs work for students.  Specialist advice and support is also available from the Student Services Team as they acknowledge that within a hierarchy of personal needs, wellbeing and social and emotional health leads to learning success.

The theme of the extant Business Plan is “Find Your Course, Find Your Place”.  Cyril Jackson SC is well placed to assist students identify a pathway, achieve success and set up options for a bright future within the broader Australian community.  As you explore the opportunities at Cyril Jackson SC through the website, you are welcome to discuss a potential enrolment with staff.

Milton Butcher