Principal’s Message

At Cyril Jackson we have a proud history of providing senior secondary schooling to students, just like you, who seek education in a mature learning environment.

Our students come to Cyril Jackson from across the vast landscape of Western Australia; from cities and towns across Australia; and from over 40 different countries to engage in our senior secondary school courses, and that is what makes us so unique!

Our students are the foundation of our Campus community. At Cyril Jackson, we celebrate diversity every day as it enriches our Campus environment. We provide opportunities for students from a diverse range of social and cultural backgrounds and are proudly inclusive of all differences.  

Our students enrol as compulsory age and mature age students. Irrespective of age, as a student you will be encouraged to belong to our community and you will be supported to be the individual who you are.

Our vision is to inspire you to engage in learning and to support you to achieve your educational goals. Every student matters at Cyril Jackson. You will be supported every step of the way because we want you to be successful not only during your learning program, but also, when you leave us on your future pathway.

Our pathways connect you to your future. Our range of academic and vocational pathways offer you an opportunity to explore your interests whilst attaining the knowledge and skills to gain success when you transition to further education, training or employment.

Our pathways deliver authentic, real-life learning opportunities engaging you with the broader community as you complete your studies. There is always opportunity for you here at Cyril Jackson.

Our teachers are committed to you in achieving your goals. Our teaching staff are well qualified and experienced in a range of courses, including Vocational Education and Training Certificates, General Courses and ATAR courses. You will also have access to a wide range of support from education and ethnic assistants where the need is identified.

Our student support services will offer you access to a range of health and well-being professionals who are available to make sure that you are provided with the social and emotional support to enable you to achieve success.

Find Your Course, Find Your Place – I guarantee that you will achieve the success you are looking for!

Welcome to Cyril Jackson Senior Campus!

Dr Karen Read