Our Community

We have range of programs that are designed to engage with the broader community. These are aimed to benefit all, creating a better understanding of what is on offer at CJSC and how our students value the opportunity to work with people outside of our campus, exposing them to a greater understanding of community.

We value the process of Being – Belonging – Becoming as it resonates with our intentions to enable all students to become valuable citizens of our community and the broader community. 

Being refers to students’ self-identity about who they are in the context of their individuality, their culture, their relationships and their environment. Being develops self-worth, self-efficacy and resilience. Students are given the opportunity to Be who they are in our community.
Belonging supports the notion of connectedness to the Campus and being a part of a community. Participation and engagement enables students to start the process of belonging. In Belonging, students adapt to their new environment and feel a part of our community.
Becoming is about the process of seeing oneself within an environment. For our students, becoming means achieving desired goals and being able to transition from school with the social capabilities, work ethic and training/education to function independently as citizens in society.
Jackson’s Training Cafe
ArtsHouse Community Garden
Bike Rescue
Keys for Life
Recreation Centre and Dance Studio

Jackson’s Training Café is now open to the Campus and to the Bassendean Community!

Jackson’s Training Café provides a valuable opportunity for our Certificate II Hospitality students to gain real skills in an industry standard setting, by catering to the Campus and the wide Community.

Support the development and training of young, aspiring hospitality students. Drop in for coffee and cake or book your next gathering or meeting with us. The Café can accommodate up to fifty people and also houses an alfresco area and pizza oven.

If you would like to book Jackson’s Training Café or would like more information, please contact Cath MacDougall on 0409 970 070 or cath.macdougall@education.wa.edu.au

Opening Times: Tuesdays from 10am to 1pm during school term time.

Location: Cyril Jackson Senior Campus. 51 Reid St, Bassendean. Please use entrance near Haig St, staff car park number three.


  • Coffee $2.50. Flate white, Latte, Cappuccino and much more..
  • Tea $2.50. Tumeric, Raw Chai Latte and much more..
  • Milkshakes $2.00
  • Selection of Cakes $2.00
  • Light Meals $4.00

Please go to the ArtsHouse Community Garden Facebook Page to read all their latest news!

The Cyril Jackson Senior Campus Board is raising money to help pay for driving lessons for some of our most at need students.

Our campus has students from diverse backgrounds; many are returning to education and over 50% are newly arrived migrants or refugees. We have many students whose goal is to complete secondary school but who are on low incomes and have little to no family support. This makes learning to drive very challenging.  

We understand that holding a driver’s licence is crucial to getting work and getting around this big city. For this reason our campus runs the Keys for Life program which teaches road rules and supports students to get their learner’s permit. We also help our students access RYDE, a program which provides driving practice to those who already know how to drive but need to complete their driving log books. Our aim is to raise money so we can subsidise driving lessons for those students who can’t afford them. Students will also be asked to contribute some of their own money to each lesson. 

Our students have been volunteering to raise money by holding a weekly jumble sale on campus but it’s slow going as we’re keeping prices very low. Any funds raised in addition to this will enable us to open up the driving lesson grant to more needy students. 

This is a project that will change the lives of young people who are most at need and making great sacrifices to complete their education. It will also help keep our roads safe!

Thank you for your support.

Attached to the main campus is the Cyril Jackson Recreation Centre. The recreation centre comprises a well-equipped gymnasium, large sports area and dance room. The centre is used during campus hours for formal courses such as Physical Education Studies. Community recreation classes are also available Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Various community and sporting groups, such as East Perth Basketball club and Denise Hollins dance group, hire the venue outside campus hours. For any enquiries please contact Alison Keene on 9413 4704