Our Approach to Learning

Our student cohort is very diverse and as such our approach to learning is unique. The process of developing high quality teaching practices that support our varied student population is something we continually develop and improve.

Our students are actively engaged and involved in the planning of their education. We implement Individualised Pathway Plans (IPP) for every one of our students, which set realistic post-school options through effective pre-course and pathways counselling. We don’t simply set the IPPs to tick a box, we continually work with the students through regular mentoring sessions to ensure they are on track and help adjust the plans if the goal changes.

Our Senior Campus is built around the students. It was developed for them and continues to evolve and change by listening to them. We value meaningful feedback provided by the students through our engagement surveys, and we use this vital information to develop new learning approaches and teaching methods.

Our teachers are constantly looking to improve their knowledge and understanding of best teaching practice and we pride ourselves on being forward thinking. Currently our teaching staff are undertaking training via an innovative course ’How Language Works’. This is a comprehensive professional development program that extends our understandings about language and literacy. This is just one example of our whole campus approach to improvement and continued learning.

Now you’re ready to explore the range of Year 11 & 12 courses.  These include ATAR, General, Foundation and Certificate courses.  Students are able to access a range of study modes either full-time, part-time or via online learning. Maybe university is your aim or vocational training or straight to the workforce; this can all be achieved here at CJSC.

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We pride ourselves on being a Campus that offers you an alternative opportunity to access education. The pathways we offer, present opportunities for everyone to achieve individual goals. We offer a broad collection of ATAR and General courses to help get you on your way to University, further training or into the workforce. You will also find a selection of Foundation courses to help strengthen your knowledge and skills. Staff at CJSC will personalise a learning program to support your future aspirations. Our expertise in pathway planning will ensure that you are on the right track to achieving your goals. By studying Year 11 and 12 courses, you can work towards various levels of educational achievement.

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11 P.L.U.S.

Sometimes school doesn’t quite work out as well as you had hoped, and there can be many different reasons for this, but if you want to learn, and maybe need a little more help, 11 P.L.U.S. might just be right for you. If you have gaps in your education, want to develop career skills or develop your English and Maths skills we have an option available for you at CJSC.

11 P.L.U.S. is a unique program created to help you re-engage with your education and reach your full potential. If you have had a negative educational experience and maybe feel pretty reluctant about undertaking Year 11, this program might be for you. 11 P.L.U.S. is a full-time program, set within the same classroom, with the same teachers.

We have created a supportive, understanding team environment, where you can fully connect with your teachers and peers to start to enjoy learning again. Our experienced teachers have developed interactive learning techniques where they will work with you individually and as a whole class, to help you achieve success. So really, it’s Year 11, with a bit more support and a lot more teamwork.

11 P.L.U.S.  Monday – Friday 08.45 – 14.20

    • General English 1 and 2
    • General Maths Essentials 1 and 2
    • General Career and Enterprise 1 and 2
    • Certificate II in Active Volunteering

For more information on 11 P.L.U.S. please contact Kylie Cranenburgh | 08 9413 4795 | kylie.cranenburgh@education.wa.edu.au

Do you need to improve your reading, writing and maths?


We can help … 

Our Adult Literacy and Learning Program is a good starting point. You may have gaps in your education and want to continue into further education or training, or you simply may want to gain personal confidence by improving your skills.

The Literacy and Learning Program provides every-day functional literacy and numeracy education. You will have the opportunity to develop the skills and confidence to meet your personal needs, to participate effectively in everyday community activities, to continue with further education or training, or to gain employment.

There are no formal entrance requirements.

Enrolment is available throughout the year.

The program is run from 10.30 – 2.20 on Mondays and Tuesdays, and 9.30 – 11.20 on Wednesdays during school terms.

Learners will have support, in a small class, in general literacy, numeracy and technology.

This is an Endorsed program developed by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority. Workplace Learning allows students to develop transferable skills through work experience in the workplace. These skills may be developed through paid or unpaid work experience.

Why should you enrol in Workplace Learning?

  • To improve your skills for employment
  • To help you make better career choices
  • To gain confidence working with other people
  • To improve your opportunities for part-time work
  • To gain extra points for TAFE entry
  • To gain credit for part-time work

What is required?

To complete this program, a student must:

  • Attend an interview
  • Work at least 55 hours in a real workplace
  • Complete a logbook (see below)
  • Complete a skills journal (see below)


During the work placement the student is required to complete a logbook which comprises of an attendance record and task schedule and an evaluation of the student’s workplace performance. This logbook is validated by the workplace supervisor.

Skills Journal

During and/or after the work placement the student is required to respond to ten questions for every 55 hours completed (Questions are based on the Core Skills for Work Developmental Framework).

Ideally, you should have two days free on your timetable to enable you to do your work placement. If you have a full timetable you will need to complete your work placement after school or in the holidays.

Please Note: Based on the average of a 6-hour day you would need to work two sets of school holidays without any sick days to comply

Workplace Learning is a course, we do not find you employment. We help you to gain the skills and experience you will need to find employment when you leave school. If you have a part-time job already, you may be able to use these hours towards the program, please check with the Workplace Learning Coordinator.

For any Workplace Learning enquiries please contact Anne Macdermott | 9413 34703 | Anne.Macdermott@education.wa.edu.au

Cyril Jackson offers online courses via an external iLearn Program. Courses are delivered by highly experienced teachers using either online delivery or comprehensive text based materials. This adds greater flexibility to the timetable, increasing student onsite choices and catering to students with work or study commitments at other schools or site.

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The Curtin UniReady Enabling Program is an alternate entry to university pathway run by Curtin University. It provides a pathway for students into selected courses at Curtin University.

CJSC and Curtin University have entered into a partnership that allows us to deliver the UniReady Program to Year 12.

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